Monday, April 6, 2009

Three Poems

Teddy Bear - Leanna, age 6, USA

My Teddy Bear is nice and soft
It comes in handy when I'm scared
He follows me wherever I go
That is something that I know.


Chocolate Spread - Joshua B, age 6, England

Chocolate Spread is my favourite,
I like it on my toast,
And if I look quite carefully,
I get it through the post!
My little sister Sophie
Steals it from my plate.
I know what she thinks of it,
She thinks it is really great!
P.S. I get angry most
When Sophie steals my toast!


Sorrow - Udeshi B., age 10, India

Sorrow is like a tsunami,
That wipes away happiness,
A shock to make you sadder
than you already are,
Joys being swept away
like the sweeping away of leaves,
Friendships being broken,
fights being made,
Losing something
you love.
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