Monday, April 4, 2011

U-District Incident Report - Heather McHugh

Apparently they want your body parts. They frisk you for

Your handset, earbud, bluetooth, cellphone, iPad, thumb drive, memory stick

And laptop. You won't need any of it soon. Give them

The finger too.
I don't know, just felt like a Monday poem to me.


  1. This poem brought a smile to face, no mean feat on a Monday morning. It also made me think about how our trust in each other has all-but-evaporated. Public video cameras are everywhere; magnetometers are an expected part of life for anyone entering an airport, courthouse, school, or numerous other places. In NYC you can even be searched entering the subway. When I was a kid we feared the Soviets. The Soviet Union no longer exists, but the fear is still present. Only now the fear has been redirected inward. Now we fear ourselves.


  2. Steve, couldn't agree with you more. I am always struck by how ready we are to give up so much based on scant evidence. It's almost as if we crave the fear so that we can surrender control to authority. Let them take care of it. Reminds me of The Grand Inquisitor chapter from The Brothers Karamazov.