Thursday, April 21, 2011

Touring the World - Alden Marin

Step across this latticework
of the day dividing down;
this car, that couch, anyone's corridor--
the TV is off in the living room
but the radio drones on--
a disembodied voice saying "Save America"
but it's already lost, like
a county fair balloon
a kid let go of, while eating
popcorn & cotton candy at once--
the nightingale sings at 3am
So as not to be eaten by the owl
and squirrels are asleep
with eyes flicking open
in their clever dens, preparing
to beg for more free scraps tomorrow;
This is how it used to be
And this is today--waiting
for civilization to end, according
to the Mayan Calendar,
New Age Astronomy
in which we may, or may not believe--
and fired TV celebrities
with their own shows booing them
all the while, touring the world.

Alden Marin (b.?), well he was born, and he is a great friend and supporter of the Poem of the Day. He is a California poet, artist, musician and all-around supporter of the arts. You can read more about him here. Thanks Alden.

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